Jan 1, 2013

Salvation - is that all?

As I continue on this journey, the search for truth, but ultimately an ever increasing revelation of God, and who I am in relation to God, not apart but in Him.... so many things are becoming so crystal clear, so painfully obvious.

Warfare is one.

How many of us are spectator Christians?  How many of us through our actions and prayers, or more often, lack thereof, tend to be stationary - tend to be receivers rather than givers, hearers rather than doers of the Word?

The enemy has so many of us so bogged down with problems, with sickness, disease, confusion, with constant judgement and fault finding, or just plain laziness, we never really understand who we are in Christ.  We never ever get the full understanding of what was accomplished at Calvary - we just  somehow "know" we are saved.  Well thank God for that right?  Thank God at least I am saved... is that all you can say, is that all you can identify with?  I mean really, I get so frustrated as I realize I have done this myself.

If that's all we identify with, salvation - then I dare say we might not be saved...  (no I don't want a bunch of negative comments or someones dissertation on the once saved always saved doctrine)... God didn't send His One and ONLY begotten SON to just save us... if thats what you think and how you live your life (me included) we should repent!!

Salvation is just the start, for without it there is no way we can do all the things He has called us to do and be.

How many times have you thought to yourself:  "why does this or that happen, or how can I be free of this or that"... well in a very simple and clear nutshell - we say "God is in control"...  well is He really?  Did you give Him control over that situation or by your silence, lack of faith, of action, of prayer you have defaulted that authority over to the one who is Prince of the power of the air?  Have you really thought about that?   Or we say, "if it's God's will"  --- oh my gosh I get sick of that more than any of them.... IF it's God will?  Do we not know God well enough to understand and KNOW what His will is for our lives, for those we love?  Surely we do???  (Was that an Ah Ha moment for anyone? Did anyone's mental capacity and intellect get "Upleveled"?

There are growing numbers of groups and organizations that feel like they have within them their own energy, their own self evolved, self appointed and self cultivated power to "think and grow rich" or "think and become well"... or "think and become......" and the list goes on.  Well all I have to say is continue to "think" .... for those interested in obtaining real power and authority, real and lasting results (eternal I'd say) then seek the One True Living God and start waging war by the power and authority given to you through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, through the Holy Spirit.  Otherwise the deception you are under will certainly lead to destruction and you will not be experience the liberating freedom and assuredness that comes by knowing Who HE IS and Who WE ARE IN HIM!!!

We must move past this phase of discipleship (and I am speaking of myself as much as anyone else) as being immature, unlearned, unempowered, and blatantly ignorant of WHO WE ARE and WHO HE IS, if we want to be and do as God intended.  We are more than "just saved" and if that is what our testimony consists of and nothing more - then God forgive us, God forgive us!

The day is coming soon, and I hope sooner... that we do just as Jesus taught His disciples, and even greater things according to His word.  Being just saved will have you sitting at the back of the bus, or last in line, and quite honestly I don't want to be one of those, and I don't want "just saved" people trying to defend me from the enemy because they will surely be sitting ducks. I mean really folks, honestly... Do you really think that God in His infinite wisdom and power, sent His ONLY begotten Son to live among us, to be ridiculed, to be beaten, stabbed, wounded, mocked and rejected.  To be tortured, executed and sent to hell (yes he went there to conquer it) and rise again....  just - I repeat ... JUST to save our sorry butts?  If thats what you think, and how you live your lives, I would implore even beg you to rethink your position, even your salvation - because I am telling you the truth when God invades your life, your mind and your heart, when you submit yourselves to Him and His Word and His ways you will quickly find out there is much more to the story and you will have a compelling desire to immerse yourself in His word, in Him and become what He has always intended - to be sanctified and transformed, truly transformed.  To act and live in power and authority to go from just getting by to getting over, from victim to victor, from pitiful to prosperous.

We get so happy and so elated when someone is "saved" and I am not by any means trying to diminish that, and discount it, because it can't be.  I am so grateful for the salvation through Christ, that we have been given.  But to who's benefit is it if we never move past that point of being saved?  Certainly not the world around us, not our friends who are struggling, our loved ones who are sick, confused, hungry and poor?  I will be elated when I hear the number of demons that were cast out and how many people were brought back from death, I will be elated when I hear a deaf man speak and a blind man see.  I will be jumping for joy when the good news, the gospel is actually being preached and fulfilled before our very eyes...

Do more than just get by in your "christianity" if you truly believe in the God you say you are a child of and serve, then put the Word into action, and step into the disciple and warrior God has called you to be.  Otherwise - get out of the way!

God Bless everyone, I tell you we must be more than "saved" we must be over comers, and warriors for Christ - praying without ceasing, with supplication and constantly being watchful, it is His command to us!

Move beyond just getting your foot in the door sorta speak - and desire earnestly to know who the new creation is, YOU... and what authority you have, what your inheritance is, what you are called to do in this life, today, right at this moment.

How would like if it today your parents sat you down and told you that you were kidnapped at birth and you really belonged to the richest people in the world, who have searched for you all these years... who have great power and authority - as compared to a life of poverty and abuse that you have suffered since you can remember - living in literal hell, on the verge of giving up...    You'd probably have a change of heart and immediately want to go be with your real parents, yes?

Well its time professing Christians find out who their Daddy is, its time we recognize truly who we are in Him, and the power and authority we have been given and stop believing the lies or being lazy - otherwise we are not advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, of God, we are not really preaching the good news, only a small part of it...  Its time!!!!

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