Jan 26, 2013

Growing Faith

I found this practical teaching/approach to how God works with us to build and grow our faith.  While Romans teaches us that God has given everyone a measure of faith, I don't believe that everyone has the same measure of faith.  Meaning that our trust in God to perform his own faithfulness in response to our actions, or acts of faith may be lacking.  In order for us to build our faith, working in unison with God, we must know Him and in doing so our intimate connection will build trust.  And as we grow in the knowledge of Him, of all His ways, power and faithfulness, we must also act in accordance.  James tells us that faith without works is dead.  In other words its non-existent if its not put to use, believing and trusting in God in His own faithfulness to us and to His commands if we should adhere and perform them.

So I pray, God help me build my faith.  Help me have the kind of faith the apostles had.  Surely this is the type of faith we need to do as you have commanded.  To heal the sick, the brokenhearted, cast out demons and yes even raise the dead.  For even greater works you said we would do.  You and Your Word do not change, so teach us Lord to have the kind of faith that will move mountains!


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