Mar 2, 2015

Lord, I need You today!

I needed and need to cry for you today, to cry out to you and with you.  I need to be with you and feel your embrace, to feel your presence and hear your voice.

I need to know you more than I did yesterday.  I need to be with you, to just be with you God.  To just sit with you awhile.

My righteousness is so filthy.  I am nothing without you.  But I am so grateful for you, for your righteousness, for standing in the gap and making a way for me.  Forgive me Father, forgive me for all my failings, for my sin, for everything that seeks to exalt itself above you.  Forgive me for my vanity and pride, for my evil heart.

Thank you for your Spirit, the comforter, my teacher, my friend.  For the conviction you bring, and the sanctification that only you can provide.  For perfecting me.

This life is so full of challenges, so full of obstacles and darkness seems to be all around.  But You, You bring peace and comfort, an assurance that can't be described.  Oh Father, how I long to be with you, to finally see you face to face.  To see you as you are... to kneel before you and to adore you, to love you and just be with you.  To be face to face with the One who was born, lived, suffered and died for me!!

I need you every moment, every second of every day.  It is your breath in my lungs, teach me to use it to glorify you in every way possible.  Teach me to worship you in truth!

I just want to see you!  I want to be with you, more than ever before.  This life offers me nothing apart from you, nothing!  There are no riches that can begin to compare to your worth, your glory and splendor, none!  No relationship that can be had that brings what one with you does.  No not one!

Let me always sing your praises, honoring you with my body, my mind, my words, my thoughts... with everything that I am and all that you mold and make me to be!

Oh everything in me is crying out to see you!  To witness that day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that you indeed are Lord of All!  The Great I am, Faithful and True, King of Kings and Lord or Lords!  The Great I am, Almighty God!

My heart aches for you Lord!  I need you, I want to see you High and Lifted up!  I want the whole world to see You!

Come and be with me Father, grace me with your presence, and hold me for awhile.  Strengthen my spirit, and empower me to preach the good news, fill me up with your Spirit and revive me oh Lord!

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