Mar 2, 2015

It Is Well - Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

My heart has been tender today. Running errands here and there every time I got into the Jeep to drive, my music started to play - almost all contemporary Christian. And each time I heard the words whatever the song may have been, my eyes teared up... thinking of how loved I am, how blessed I am... and how much He longs and even aches to spend time with us. I really can't wait to see Him face to face... to see the One who lived, suffered and died for me. I really can't. My righteousness is as filthy rags, but I am so thankful, so humbled, that through His own I have been saved and through His Word and Spirit I am being sanctified... I am being made whole. This is such a beautiful version of this classic... when I see someone praising God it makes them so beautiful to me. No matter their look, size, race, economic status, age, ability or inability... their praise and adoration to God, makes them beautiful. No matter their sin, obvious or hidden, it matters not. There is liberation and peace in His presence. It cleanses us and makes us free as we become a willing captive of a love that is beyond description, or comprehension.Take a listen..

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