Jun 23, 2013

You Were Always There!

How can I thank you God?  How can I thank you for all that you have done in my life?

When I was in pain, you comforted me.

When my eyes were full of tears, you wiped them dry.

When I was hopeless and the road seemed to lead me nowhere, you showed me the way and gave me hope!

When I was lonely, you stood beside me and your presence never left me.

When I was to weak to walk on my own, you picked me up and carried me.

When my eyes were blind, you opened them, and gave me sight!

When my heart was broken, you mended it.

When I had no words to say, but my soul was crying out, you heard my cry and answered!

When I was hungry for you, you were there, you filled me up to overflowing!

When I have felt so unworthy, you reminded me of the blood!

When I was filthy in my sin, you washed me white as snow!

When I felt unloved, you loved me!

When I was unforgiven, you forgave!

When I was depressed, you gave me Joy!

When I was neglected, you accepted me!

When I was mocked and rejected, you rejoiced over me with gladness, you delighted over me!

When I didn't have the answers, you revealed yourself and your ways to me!

When my desire for you was wavering, you overwhelmed with me with your presence!

When no one else understood, you did!

When I was dying you gave me life!

When I was lost, you found me!!!

You have given me everything I ever needed.  You will never leave me or forsake me!

You have proven  your undying, eternal and fervent love for me over and over and over again!

You have restored me, and I am so grateful, so humbled, so speechless!

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