Jun 25, 2013

The Time is Short

I just woke up from a long nap.  The day was a little exhausting.

I had a disturbing dream.  Which is what woke me up.

In the dream I was with my mom (who passed away in 1998) and we appeared to be having dinner, or lunch at a local restaurant.  There were hardly any other customers in the restaurant.  I was an observer in the dream, watching both my mother and I, sitting at a table.

The dream was short.  There was general informal conversation taking place between my mother and some of the employees.  I was also telling her about things that were happening in the world - such as the earthquakes, the floods, terrible weather, destructive storms and tornadoes, some of the political news.  Then it was like I zoomed in on something someone said to her, one of the employees - who was also saying something to the effect that "we are living in the last days"... and that "prophecy was being fulfilled"... as they continued to clean.  I noticed the expression on my mom's face - she was smiling.  Then I turned to her and said "why don't they understand, why don't they get it and why aren't people listening"... and she (without turning away from her observation of the employee and what they were doing, said, "Its scary stuff, its frightening"... then I looked at her (I was actually observing myself, I was outside of my body, watching the conversation between my mother and myself)...  and I said "How much more frightening is it than being without God through this, how much more frightening is it to be utterly and completely separated from God for eternity?!!"

Then I turned my head away and started crying uncontrollably, I would call it sobbing...  and I couldn't handle that feeling in the dream, so I woke up.

Then God started to speak to me.  Telling me that people see these things happening all around them, and know that we are in these times, but they are disconnected from the events because it hasn't directly impacted them.  Even some who are directly impacted are rebellious in their own strength, saying they too, will rebuild and restore. It was as if it didn't concern them.  Then I thought about the great flood.  I wondered if at the first sight of rain falling anyone gave any thought to just how much rain it would be?  Surely not, because Noah and his family were the only ones in "Right" relationship with God to know to build the Ark in the first place.  Can you see this difference?  He spent years and years planning and preparing for the even God spoke to him about.  How many years have we spent preparing ourselves for this time in God's prophetic timeline?  How many years have we spent preparing for His return?

The expression on my mother's face - was a symbol of the seduction that is happening.  The events and terrible things that are taking place mesmerize people, its a type of seduction from the enemy.  God reminded me of the story of boiling a frog.  Its subtle in most cases, and the people don't even realize they are perishing.

Then I remembered a recent post by someone in the ministry who requires the students who want to come and be a part of the ministry - to share God's word with them, they must do this, because the times that are upon us require us to know His word.  Without it we perish, we have no idea what our authority is in Him, we have no clue the kind of power and position we have in Christ, unless we also have His word living within us, written upon our hearts!!!

This dream was as much for me as anyone.  But it was yet another wake up call to me, to not slumber to get into His word and His word into me.  We cannot operate in the authority, power and position that Christ has called us to operate and live in, without His word!  And it is through His word, and the process of sanctification by His spirit, that we are transformed and empowered!

We are helpless without His word!  Without Him!

Look around you and understand that YOU are not disconnected from it, even though it may not be in your own household or backyard, the day is coming when all will experience great trial and tribulation such as man has never seen or witnessed before.  I do not believe in the pre-trib rapture doctrine, I never have and while we can certainly hope to escape some things, judgement always starts with God's people/Church first

1 Peter 4:17 For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God's household. And if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate awaits those who have never obeyed God's Good News?

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