Jun 15, 2013

You Covered It All

God you really covered it all, didn't you?  From the vast universe and expanse I perceive at night, to the smallest particles that we cannot perceive with our own eyes.

I think about how it felt when I fell in love (or what I thought was love) for the first time.  I wanted to write it across the sky for the whole world to see and constantly rewrite it over and over and over again.  I wanted to shout it so loud that even the stars a billion light years away could hear.  I wanted to learn new languages so I could communicate it to every human on the planet.  I wanted to do the smallest of things like leave sticky notes everywhere, pick some flowers, buy a gift, write a poem.  I was compelled to express it in every conceivable way known to man (and woman).  But even that wouldn't have been enough - I had come face to face with something eternal that no expression could convey completely.

I wanted to sing new songs, to learn to play various instruments, to build new things, to say it, express it, make it known.

And today I look around me and I realize you covered it all.  I am surrounded by your presence, saturated by You, even.  From the majestic mountains, to pristine lakes, the gentle breezes.  The way you orchestrated everything so perfectly to sustain us.  You covered it all.  Every single thing speaks of your great love for me, for us.  Every thing!  You can't be outdone.  Your voice rings eternal, your fervent, undying, indescribable, unrelenting love for us is everywhere!!!!

You have opened my eyes!  You have pierced my heart!  And I hear your song so beautifully everywhere.  You DO sing over us, with joy and gladness You DO delight in us!

You delight in us!!!

And to think not only have you created all that surrounds me, you even manifested yourself through Jesus, to live as we do...to lead the way.  You became flesh and blood and died for us, you died for us! You took on our burdens, our pain, our iniquities, our heartache, our suffering and suffered for us!  You bore our sin, and shed your blood - you were persecuted, beaten, mocked, and spat on.... for us!

You, YOU, died for us and shed your precious blood, sacrificing yourself through your Son Jesus, all for us!!!!

You really did covered it all, all!!!!!  And your blood, covers us!

How worthy You are!  How magnificent and worthy You are!  This greatest of love, is indescribable, almost unbelievable, unrelenting, fervent, eternal, magnificent, awesome!!  Oh to be a captive of this great love, a prisoner of yours, held and hidden within your very heart!

Oh I pray, that you make me into a transparent vessel, and my greatest hope, my greatest desire, the longing and aching of my heart  - is to be able to praise you as you deserve to be praised, to worship you in spirit and in truth - to be able to shout it out so the whole world hears how wonderful you are!  How loving and kind you are, how you long for us to be with you and you with us.  Oh Father I pray that every eye is opened, every ear would hear and every heart melt like wax in your presence that they would know this wonderful and powerful, overwhelming and transforming love!!!!

Revelations 5:12 "Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand.  They encircled the throng and the living creatures and the elders.  In a loud voice they were saying; "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise! "

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