Dec 6, 2012

The Nephilim

You'll want to review this post and study the topic on your own.  However, I have prayed about this and sought God's direction on sharing it.  This is truth, as in TRUTH..  I have studied this topic for a while, off and on over the years and more and more over the past several months.  I have never heard this topic discussed in typical churches and it is likely not to be taught or discussed because it's not "tickling your ears" kind of material.

The agenda of the nephilim is to prepare the world to receive the antichrist.  But prior to that to bring literal chaos.  I personally share a belief with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of others who have studied this subject and have also discerned the times that we currently live in, that this time of chaos is right at the door.

I will provide several links and references you can research on your own, but I must say, do not, and I repeat do not forsake the Word of God, the Bible, the Holy Scriptures.  My goal in sharing this information is not to cause fear, to start debates or to entertain you.  But in contrast, to draw your attention to God, and His Word.  We will need to be abiding in Him in His word for this time and the times to soon to come.  I can't stress the importance of this enough.

satan, lucifer, the dragon however you name him, his goal is to set himself up to be established as god, and worshipped as god.  The nephilim are a very important part of his agenda and are living among us at this very moment. And the day is coming soon when they will be revealed but that revealing will be during a time of great chaos, torment, torture, and I believe pure hell on earth.  So much of what we are seeing right now, is evidence that this is already taking place and ramping up on an unprecedented scale. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!

I will surely come back to update this post with additional links and information as I have time and am able to compile the information in a user friendly format but I urge you first to seek God with all your heart and mind, to press into Him, to develop, re-establish, or start a RELATIONSHIP with Christ.  He is the only one that can save and the RELATIONSHIP will bring you great joy, peace and understanding for the times that we are living in.  He will provide discernment and guide your every step..

So let me start by giving you a very good resource on the topic of the nephilim - Steve Quayle has many books, interviews, etc available online via youtube and his own website

Of course you can do your own search as well.  The following interview with Pat King and Randy DeMain, sets the stage for a foundational understanding of the nephilim, what and who they are, their history and their agenda.  By my sharing of this interview, I am not conveying that I support and subscribe to all the beliefs, ideas, or doctrines of Pat King's website or ministry.  However, I remind all, those who seek God, shall find Him.  Which means all who truly seek Truth, will find it... knock and it shall be opened.  He is everywhere if our focus is on Him, His Truth...and I am also reminded that while I believe everything in the Holy Scriptures is true, not everything that is true is found in the Holy Scriptures.  For that reason, many ancient texts have been disregarded and laid aside by main stream Christianity, some have even taught to avoid it, but I totally disagree.  Mr. DeMain references several ancient texts that are extra biblical but are certainly worthy of your own research and reading.  I highly recommend the book of Enoch, which goes in great detail regarding the fallen angels, the nephilim, and so forth.

The next clip I want to share with you is from "Consipiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura.  I recommend watching this one right after the above clip.  Currently there is a battle going on between Jesse and TruTV and many of his episodes including this one, could become unavailable.  It seems TruTV hasn't paid Jesse for the last 2-3 seasons and there may be an agenda here to suppress this information.  However, I believe what is being shared is factual and have studied articles and read books concerning the "Skinwalker" ranch, which seems to be a hotspot for UFO activity and has a long history of paranormal activity. You can get a copy of a book I have read, called "Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah" at this link.   This is the same ranch Jesse and his team visit and research in the below episode.  I personally believe this could be some portal or gateway for the nephilim and thus why I share it.  The entire "alien agenda" is in fact that, but these "aliens" are fallen angels or disembodied spirits and that fact can be supported scripturally.  You will surely get the "connection" between the first vid with Pat King and Randy Demain and this one.

Once you have reviewed the material, I would highly recommend doing your own scriptural study of the topic and you will soon get the full picture of what is taking place and will be taking place, in my opinion and that of many others of what is about to come upon us.

For other resources I recommend the following, all of which I have reviewed, read or in the process of doing so:  This site is Thom Horn's site and this particular page list several books that tie into this topic which include but are not limited to:  Transhumanism, the antichrist, the nephilim, and many others.  There are a number of video's of Thom Horn and his presentations currently available through video sites such as youtube. I have recently read his book "Forbidden Gates" that discusses the activities that have been and are taking place currently involving transhumanism.  books by Steve Quayle.  I am currently reading The LongWalkers. I am big fan of Steve Quayle and what he has and continues to contribute to the Body of Christ.  I believe Mr. Quayle is one of the most Godly men/ministers on this planet and highly recommend listening to any of his interviews.  Doug Riggs website which includes mp3 files from prior interviews on The Byte Show with Georgann Hughes.  This is another section from Doug Riggs' site that is dedicated to "The Nephilim Mother Project" which is a real project that has been going on for decades that is basically a breeding program for nephillim. These are the actual mp3 file links of the interviews with the nephilim mothers who speak about their history, their involvement with the occult and how this program works, how it has impacted their lives and further details some of hidden things of the enemies agenda.  Please pray for discernment, God's guidance and protection if you choose to listen to these files.  Sometimes the Truth can be a very scary thing, but know that God has not given you the spirit of fear.  Let this be a catalyst for you to draw closer to Him and allow His spirit to reveal to you the times we are living in and to prepare you for coming battles that we must wage with the enemy.  

Finally I wanted to share a short clip regarding the Hoover Dam and how it is literally venerating or dedicating it as a monument to fallen angels via youtube.  The first several minutes of this particular clip covers a few other topics many of you are familiar with, but I urge you to continue to watch it until you get to the section regarding the Hoover Dam and then just listen carefully.

I will add more to this post in the coming days/weeks.  May God Bless You!

Update:  This video clip from Jonathan Kleck, pretty much sums it up.  Please please please, draw your hearts and minds toward God, give your life to Him...  seek Him with your whole heart and mind and be transformed by His Word...  accept His grace and mercy and invite Him in to dwell within you, laying your life down and let Him reign and rule in your life today!

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