Dec 3, 2012

Let Them Believe the Lie

For weeks or even months maybe God has been saying some things over and over to me, til I get it I guess, or until it gets confirmed, and when it does I write..or post something about it. For months He has shown me how a great division was taking place, from reminding me of the vision I had of the black and white fish caught along the river bank and the correlating scripture in Revelations where He is speaking to the church of the recent election and the duty and importance of voting for the person whom we thought and felt upheld the most godly principles. Regardless of the outcome our duty and action was important to our spiritual health. I also posted that on the blog as well. Then more recently I keep hearing Him say, "Silence"... and I know there is more to it than this, but today and tonight He confirmed it twice. First let me explain the silence... its not to be silent about His Word, His love, His mercy, Him... but to be silent on the things that confirm the times we are living in. The warnings, the bringing attention to so that others might discern and make a decision to repent... He says in His word that He would bring a strong delusion, that they might believe the lie. This is part of the great division and I feel the great falling away... He is literally going to seal some in their lives of living a lie. I posted something on face book about this particular video clip, that is much more about the prophetic times we are living in and about the prophecy unfolding almost minute by minute... I highly recommend it. Discern from it what you will, but its worth your time. I will also post the message/comment I attached to it on facebook below. God Bless You All! This should be titled something else. There is much more being discussed here from a biblical perspective...I don't agree with everything this guy says but I'd probably repeat verbatim 99% of it, especially the repentance part toward the end. He confirmed something for me that I felt God has been speaking and that is "silence"... not so much about His word and His love, but the warnings, the various news items (He confirmed again today when I posted the thing about Obama's eligibility - I should have listened). God said He would bring a strong delusion that "they would believe the lie" and this is what He has reminded me of lately...and to be silent... let them live the lie....and THANK YOU GOD... this guy who made the above video, confirmed that .. (so twice it was confirmed for me)...he even says the exact same thing "let them live the lie"... I am reminded of a friend speaking about this many years ago... about searing our conscious - I also wrote about the great division taking place, is the same parable of sifting the wheat from the chaff, on my blog months ago..and several times since. I also think I wrote something about this searing of consciousness...... I said it was a time for people to get off the fence, if you are going to believe, believe the WHOLE Gospel of Christ, not the parts that suit you... because this division was taking place, a great division and now... I fully believe God is sealing people in their deception... a strong delusion ...searing their conscious - imagine that... right now, I think some still have a choice to believe one thing over another - but God speaks about a time when He basically seals them in it.. that they would believe it.. and if you believe something, if you are bound to that belief, tied to it, living it... it takes something earth shattering for you to believe anything contrary to it... right? Otherwise you didn't really believe it to begin with... So what this means, is that God is actually going to cause people to believe the lie, because they have played around with it for so long, and rejected the Truth, knowing in their heart they have..... I highly recommend this video... but more than anything, whatever you have heard God saying to you lately, listen to Him and if you havent heard from Him, get on your knees and pray, and seek His voice.. I think one of the first thing's He will say is "I love you" and the second, is "repent"!

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  1. In our BibleTruthSeekers Facebook group, our Brother in Christ, Lynn Derrick, has been speaking about "The Great Division" that's now already here, and you got this word from YHWH in 2012. Interesting.