Sep 25, 2008

Omnipod Insuliln Delivery

I don't think I could have let the day go by without saying something about a new insulin delivery system I am starting. Today was the first "official" day of using the Omnipod system, with real insulin. I had been using it with sterile saline. Its a little complicated at first because you have to figure out what your basal rate is, which is the rate of insulin you will have delivered around the clock. Initially my doctor and diabetic educator are starting me off slow with higher than normal blood glucose levels to help avoid having any lows. The pod itself is controlled by a PDM (Personal Diabetic Manager device) really a PDA. It operates wirelessly and tubelessly... You can go to this video link to see a demonstration on youtube.

Joy, my educator has been so nice, and just called to check on me and it's a little after 9pm. Who could ask for better care? She will continue to check on me over the next few days until we get the basal rate right and are fairly certain I will avoid having any lows.

Anyone who is contemplating going on an insulin pump, should really consider the Omnipod, its fairly easy to set up, use, and you can build so much into the PDM including temporary basal rates, deliver bolus doses of insulin, it has a built in glucometer and the best thing is you can virtually do away with your syringes and injecting yourself 4-5 times a day. I anticipate that it will help me manage my blood glucose levels better and ultimately provide a longer and better quality of life!

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