Sep 10, 2008

Tribute to "Nell" with Jodie Foster

This clip from the movie "Nell" is one of my favorite scenes, in fact this movie is one of my favorites. Ever since the NDLE, I find myself drawn to certain books, places, people, and movies. With each one there seems to be a pivotal point, scene or just basic truth that lights up in my brain and it confirms or affirms why I was drawn to it. Sometimes its just a sentence, or word or overall theme. The court room scene shown here is one of those "truths" and ultimately why I know I had to see it. Other times I may have a dream and a word or idea appears in big glowing and bright letters as if to draw my attention to it's meaning. The last time I had a dream like this the word "Quigong" showed up. I never knew what this word was and interestingly enough a video I had ordered a few days prior to the dream, arrived and there was a section of the video/documentary that talked about Quigong. Needless to say I have much to learn about it. Enjoy the clip.

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