Sep 24, 2008

$700 Billion Bailout?

It's not often I post my opinion about much going on in the world, because I steer away from most political discussions or politically driven situations, etc. However, I am very concerned as I watched and listened to President Bush this evening discuss this potential $700 billion bailout plan proposed to congress. What I hear is that we have been gluttonous consumers living beyond our means and making other's rich, filthy, disgustingly rich because of it. Surely the price we have paid is much greater than the balance on our mortgages, or auto loans. I think about our freedom, and wonder what other rights we have handed over during the last several years of what many thought was "prosperity"... In the morning I drive by a very large patch of brown, dead grass amid lush green, manicured and meticulously managed landscaping in the median no doubt. South Charlotte, a beautiful place to live and be, if you are wealthy. There stands a sign in the midst of the dead grass that says "Turf renovation in progress"... and not far down the street another sign that says something to the effect that the water used for irrigation of the lawn comes from a private supply. On my way home this afternoon I passed 4 fuel stations all without fuel, and finally the one I found was jam packed with motorists waiting to fill their cars.

Do you honestly think if the government forks over $700 billion dollars to bail out this economy, there isn't a price to pay? As if we haven't already paid - considering this money is the money they have taken from the hours we have labored day in an day out... the money use to fund program healthcare programs, pay for illegal immigrant services, etc, etc.

Who will you answer to when the government in every sense of the word "owns" your home?

Maybe a complete financial collapse would be a good thing, and no longer will we be so concerned over the "turf" that needs "renovating" - if people lost their jobs, would it make us turn to family again like it was in days gone by, would people pull their resources together, open their hearts and homes again and really understand what a hard day's work is really about? Would we learn to live without all the toys we have so feverishly coveted, purchased, and wasted our time and energy on... would we finally realize what's important?

I hardly think its a good idea. And I hardly think the American people, myself included will benefit it from it at all.

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