Oct 12, 2008

Just a thought

I have recently shared this website address with many others and I wanted to say that I especially hope no one finds it offensive. I, like everyone else, have an opinion, am not the authority on anything under the sun, and just like everyone else have something to say.

I have no goal or agenda in sharing things here, other than to voice my opinion, thoughts, ideas, etc... to share with family and friends and possibly enlighten others especially when it comes to Near Death Experiences. While I don't have much posted here about that subject, much of what is written has been highly influenced and in some way connected to this experience, and how it continues to shape my life and perceptions.

I am a peaceable guy, and respect and admire even, other's viewpoints, interests, and ideas about most anything.

With that said, enjoy the reading if you have taken the time and write to me if you'd like to comment.

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