Jun 26, 2007


Today was not unlike any other. However, someone's situation caused me to think and ultimately be thankful. She was waiting outside the PT department, in a motorized wheelchair, dozing off as I made my way down the hall. Before I ever reached her, something inside me smiled. I was aware of her situation, thinking to myself she probably often times has been overlooked, maybe even shunned, or made to be an outcast even if it was just a moment... strangers passing her by, never looking her in the eyes....never acknowledging her presence because its easier to deny. As if.... she wasn't there, as if she wasn't bound to a wheelchair, as if she didn't have to depend on others..... as if, imperfection was not part of this world, whatever perfection may or may not be.

So I said to myself before I ever reached her, knowing she was probably half asleep.... that I would acknowledge her, that I would say hi and ask how she was or just have a brief moment where we exchange words - my way of saying "I know you are here, alive, and breathing, that you have value and so I acknowledge you, and accept you as you are"... thats what I wanted to convey, some aspect of Love. So I did..

"Hi...... it's easy to fall asleep out here".... she opened her eyes at my hello, and as I finished...she smiled, and laughed and said "Yes"... thats all that was needed. It made me feel good, it brought laughter and a smile to her face.

So I moved further down the hall, and the "voice" within said... "How can we not be thankful?" To have two capable legs that carry us where we want to go, to have the freedom and independence that so many take for granted. To be able to run and not be at the mercy of a battery operated device to take us places? What about going to the restroom? How can we not be thankful to have the priviledge to go the restroom on our own? In our own privacy? How can we not be thankful???

How can we? Not be thankful? To be able to simply get out of bed in the morning, to breath, to have jobs to go to, to be priviledged in so, so many ways.

What are you thankful for today? We have so much to be thankful over, from the fact that we even live to all those around us that we love and cherish. Thank you God, thank you for everything, from the bed I sleep in at night, to the alarm clock that wakes me, to the house I live in, to the car I drive, for these "things" but moreso God, thank you for the peace... thank you for humbling me today and for helping me bring a brief smile to someone's face. Thank you for showing me what isn't, so that I can appreciate what is.

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