Jun 6, 2007

Analyzing Theft

Today while at work a female smashed a rock through someone's side window and proceeded to steal money and a camera from inside. A patient from a dentist's office saw what was taking place and informed the dentist. Long story short a few people saw her break the window and then when she discovered someone saw her as someone was yelling "hey you have to stop!" she got in her car with a mask on her face and drove away. As she speeded off out of a very quiet and crowded parking lot, it was noticed her licenses plates had been covered over. She had it planned. The cops were called, investigation has ensued. So I thought...what was the reason? Perhaps it was for drugs, to steal money to buy drugs, or something she could pawn. At least thats the first thought. Then I analyzed further in my mind and realized if we all just helped one another more, perhaps this could have been prevented. Yes I know, people will continue to steal things that don't belong to them, vandalizing our property in the process... but what if... What if we all knew we could get help for any problem or situation if we needed it without cost? If she was a drug addict, how did she get to that point? Has anyone ever helped with an "intervention"? Maybe she was hired by someone else, because just a little while earlier, another similiar theft took place in another part of town. Was she without a job? Probably not because she drove a nice enough car. Was she hungry? What if whenever life deals us a bad hand, we always knew there was someone that would help, that would listen, that would be patient, and would not ask for anything in return. How much less theft would there be? Was theft a learned behavior, is this what she watched someone else do, to get something else they wanted?

Why does it have to be this way? We have commercialized the act of being kind and helping out, that it seems a commodity we trade for publicity or recognition. Random acts of kindness... hmm, why does it have to be random and an act? Perhaps if they weren't today's events would have never taken place.

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