Jun 17, 2007

Home is where the Heart is

One aspect of Heaven, for me at least, was having no sense of time or space. Read about the near death experience if you want to hear about it.

Sometimes, there are circumstances, experiences, or just moments of meditation that bring about this lost sense of time or space. You know, when you're driving home from work in the afternoon and before you know it, you've arrived without remembering much about the drive?

Last weekend, was no different. Only I was sitting across from someone who I love. We were having lunch, and for a moment while I looked into their eyes - I was lost, but present. I had no sense of anything or anyone around me, my peripheral vision was gone and the only thing that existed was that moment. And within that moment, all the years of friendship and experiences with this person, good, bad, indifferent and life changing seemed to be relived. It was refreshing, peaceful, and for a moment I felt like I was "home" again.

This person was the doorway to something greater. This person represented possibility, hope, eternity. This person was the key that opened a door, to a much better life, one full of peace. God revealed himself (unlike the NDE) in a way that I could understand and experience daily, through this person. God showed Himself, through the great love I experienced with this person.

I remember writing a story about "The House that ______ Built"... through this great and unconditional love, actually a home was built within me. A home that is safe, secure, loving and has a solid foundation. One that is suitable for others but more importantly for myself. Its the place I live.

So as we might experience joy and happiness through others and even partake in each other's "Heaven" from time to time... looking across the table into this person's eyes, seeing the smile on their face, and hearing the sound of their voice - revealed with clarity again, this great and powerful love that exists inside me, in each of us.

And so, my heart is with you even when I am not. Reuniting even for a few moments, takes me back "home" in a way that can't be described. Home is home you know... it is where the heart lies... with others, at different places and times. Home is a place of peace without expectation or reservation. Its secure, and comforting. A place of protection as well as freedom.

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