Jun 25, 2007

Sushi with Strangers

I'd be unfair if I said that truly, I was having Sushi with a stranger. A busy hectic day, new roommate moving in, behind on work as well as school, rushing back to the town I live in to get a much needed haircut - the phone rings. Its Rebecca, what a pleasant surprise. She visited once before to contemplate being a roommate, she chose a place closer to the hospital (she is doing her residency).... so as a "Thank you" to my hospitality - prior to her moving here, she calls me up and wants to take me to dinner. Rebecca is stunningly beautiful, well educated, Boston accent and while she may not appear it at times, I discern that she is very insightful. So she suggests sushi...mmmm. So we meet up at this place she has heard good things about. I arrive before she does, it's crowded, small, but lively, friendly. Its a young crowd for the most part - an atmosphere of the "fad" associated with consuming sushi, to excitement in the air over a change from the norm. We sit at the bar and she orders a large variety for me to try, while we discuss her move, bits and pieces of our lives, etc.. Good company, good food, and good japanese beer. Certainly, a much needed detour from the hustle and bustle of a typical Monday. Thanks Rebecca! I have new hang out for great food, and it was a pleasure to see you made it safely to good ole NC and are settling in. Hopefully, we will do again sometime!

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