Mar 15, 2007

Visual Echoes

A look back to Sept. 12, 2006

Like the temptation of an echo, across the barren land, reverberating and falling into the deep abyss of a canyon.

Your voice.

The faint scent of something that’s behind you, as a stray breeze finds its way crossing your path, by chance.

Your memory.

The fading image of a fortress made of sand, after the tide has consumed all but the foundation, hardly recognizable, just a fa├žade.

Your face.

So I call out…and for a brief moment, the faintest reply…uncertain that my mind may be playing tricks on me - so intent on hearing, while the confusing winds that make there way through the empty space that’s left….I thought I heard you say hello.

I’ll call… that what you said? I stay silent, afraid I may miss the next word, reply, response… drowning out the faint noise with that of my own… I remain silent.


Then I smile – realizing it was just an echo, nothing more, and time begins again.

The memories fade and I forget. Life leaves me with the sweetness of what was, although at times I can’t remember where it all derived, I just know its there.

Memories, become impressions

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