Mar 3, 2007

Music for the Soul

While listening to a new CD, Feng Shui - "For Balanced Living" I decided to capture the experience through prose:

I am lying here in bed, headphones snug against my ears and this music …. Feng Shui.. is taking me on a journey…

Another land, another world, someplace else.

The violin – so seductive and sublime. Peaceful and strong. The crisp clear stroke of keys on a piano, contrasting with the smoky fluidity of the strings on a harp.

And the flute… light and flighty, like a magic carpet of crescendos and quatrains.

All together a beautiful landscape comes into view, ever changing, but constant and of a distant land. There is something eternal, something that stretches beyond our imagination and paints an experience, supported by mixed images my soul conjures up from deep within.

The notes of the flute take me the farthest… as they fade ..they stretch out into dimensions not bound by space, or time. Singularity is overshadowed when the melody is complimented by a synthesizer. The landscape instantly becomes 3 dimensional and filled with color, light, structure and texture, it becomes alive.
A new world, traveling. A new perspective emerges at the pace of an old man walking, while time travels at the speed of light into the unknown, but known. I can see it moving… I am passing it by, or does time move past me?

The violin, mmmmmmmmmmmm so warm, embracing, strong, secure but delicate. It becomes intimate with the flute and they dance. Like male and female. A rich, woodsy fragrance, like thick worn walls of an ancient castle deep in a forest of evergreens – dotted with the sweet intoxicating and persuasive perfume of honeysuckle.

The cello, violin, bamboo flutes, piano, harp… like a company of angels opening doors.

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