Mar 15, 2007

Love Doesn't Have a Name

All around me I see living, but so many without life.

I forget the details. They aren’t important anymore. I forget the faces, the smell of your hair. It hurts sometimes, but still its value fades.

I savor the fullness of life lived, of the present and that which is to come.

Just as the fruit is consumed, the sweetness remains.

Its Love..

Its here with me, in me and all around me. The names, the dates, the places and the circumstances – they fade…. But the sweetness, the fulfillment, the residue, the faint scent of it all… remains.

Like the energy of a song or the spoken word, it never ends, we just stop hearing. Traveling through space and time eternally.

Love doesn't have a name, it just is.

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