Aug 7, 2017

Is the Mark of the Beast a Computer Chip?

After hearing Mr. Wohlberg speak on this topic many times along with others, I do not believe that the "mark of the beast" is a chip, surely it could be part of it, but with the recent news about employers implanting chips into their employees, I think the deception is growing deeper.  Most Christians are already breaking the fourth commandment - this teaching should open your eyes.  The enemy's motive is to deceive.  This was his mode of operation in the garden and it hasn't changed today... do you honestly think a chip being implanted under your skin is deceptive?  No, surely the purpose behind it may be but the act of doing it, is clear and obvious, nothing deceptive about it.  But this teaching below, is so clear and supported by scripture and historical events.  Think about it - after you watch this... the majority of the world worship on Sunday - (NOT the true Sabbath)..and when this is enforced very few will complain and blindly go along with it, because they are already doing it.  How deceptive???  You will see a sharp contrast between those who will and those who won't... it won't be about the chip, although I am sure many will refuse a chip implant, but how many people in the world will willingly accept a law enforcing Sunday as a national even international day of rest? Most already do.

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