Feb 25, 2015

The Pacific Ocean/Verge of Death

The majority of the world has forgotten all about the major disaster that took place in Japan and the resulting nuclear meltdown... mainly because mainstream media hasn't reported on it anymore.  We only knew about the immediate impact it had on Japan and it's residents.  The fallout or residual impact grows daily and its unfortunate that the west coast especially is seeing this more and more - in fact because of the jet stream the U.S. is getting more radiated than Japan itself, both in the air and the ocean.  It is literally like a cloud of death both in the air and in the sea that is rolling toward us and no way to stop it or minimize it.  This is very prophetic - if you consider the mass deaths that have taken place over the years and the scriptures that talk about the very same thing.  Granted this may not be "it" but we really should be on our knees praying and seeking God daily, moment by moment.

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