Feb 6, 2015

Music & Heart Jewelry

Anyone who is interested please check out Music and Heart Jewelry, featuring handcrafted bangles in various designs and finishes at a reasonable price, and best of all (beside it being a dear friends parents who make these) a portion of the proceeds go to help the Nashville TN Rescue Mission and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Our jewelry designer, Ron Paliotta also known as the "Bangle King" comes with over 40 years of experience in the Jewelry Manufacturing and Tool Machine trade. He learned some of his tooling techniques from his Italian immigrant father Mario Paliotta, who ventured to America during the Great Depression to pursue the American dream. With very little money or food to eat, Mario's luck began to turn around when he started the family jewelry findings company in Rhode Island. He then became the first man in America to make a bangle bracelet out of steel on a powerpress machine by winding them by hand on a lathe. Other tool makers made the bangles out of brass and couldn't figure out how to make them out of steel on a machine until Mario's youngest son Ron Paliotta decided to give it a try. He succeeded and ultimately became the first man in America to make a bangle bracelet out of steel on a wire forming machine, hence his peers in the industry named him the "The Bangle King". Presently, Ron Paliotta is back at the bangle craft and manufacturing them right here in Tennessee. He and his wife Cheryl's heart for Music & Heart Jewelry Collection is to give back to the community while capturing the heart of Tennessee in their music bracelets. "Music is the rhythm of the heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks or sings. Music speaks what the heart thinks." - Cheryl Paliotta
Music and Heart Jewelry

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