Jul 21, 2013

To Be Broken

I have prayed many times to be broken.  Because I realize this heart is evil, I am wretched in all my ways, unclean in my thinking, confused and convicted.

Lord, I know, that I know not what it is that I pray - I know not what trial and tribulation you might bring to break me, to utterly crucify me - but I trust in you completely and the end result would reveal a new man, a new creature in You!

So I come before you again this day, realizing that being broken perhaps is not enough.  But I ask, plead, bowed down before you to break me again and again.  And when the pieces of my heart are laid before you, I ask that you stand upon them, reducing them to dust - that nothing could be pieced back together through my own actions or will.  And when the dust remains, I pray that you send down fire from heaven to consume it all!  That nothing of me would remain, that I would ultimately and completely be crucified by your all consuming fire!

Then and only then will I know the resurrection power of what took place on Calvary, then and only then will you be able to fully rule and reign in this vessel.  Then and only then will I be hidden in your heart!

Increase my faith, my desire, my pursuit of you and the righteousness that only you bring.  That I might walk upright in holiness before you, completely yielded to you and all your ways, taking delight in all your commands, joy in all your precepts and statutes.

Birthing an eternal song in my heart that the whole world sees and hears - for your glory!  For your Kingdom!  For You!  For You Lord!

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