Jul 1, 2013

This Day - Summer Vacation Coming Up!

I woke up this morning to a special note from an old friend, from elementary school.  She told me that some time in fourth grade I stood up for her for being black.  It made me feel good, although I can't remember that far back.

It reminds me of how small things can be big things to others... God help me to make that kind of impression continuously, the rest of my life!  Thank you Bonita for sharing that with me.

I am looking so forward to a small but adventurous trip with Shannon this week.  To spend time in Western NC...  sharing our love of God, singing in the Jeep... hiking the Blue Ridge, taking tons of photographs and simply just getting away and relaxing.  I hope this is the first of many trips, special times!   We also have purchased tickets to see Chris Tomlin at a small concert in Cary, in October.  I am very much looking forward to that as well.  (Hopefully more in between).

It is so refreshing to be connected with another human being that shares the same desire/zeal for knowing God, loving God and who also has been brought out of and set free from so much.  Surely God has connected us for good things!

I think about other people as well, from my past.  And while I can never go back to that time and place, and although I can truly same I am a different person today.  I hope my life, will (if not already) be a living testimony to others who may not know Him yet...  a testimony to His grace, mercy and unending/abounding love.

I use to tell people sometimes - I wish I could just show you what I know, take you to those places I have been (Near Death Like Experience).. so you could see for yourself.  But I can't... so I pray that God will continue to transform my life, make me so transparent and so hidden in Him that others would see only You, God.  Because then they will know, then they will understand and seek You, earnestly seek You for themselves.  In the meantime, I pray that you send others to these people's lives, that would cause their hearts to turn toward you, understanding that its your love that transforms us, that opens our eyes and our hearts, not your laws.

But in getting to know You, we love You, and in loving You, we want to be like You.  And as our hearts are transformed, circumcised and made new - we find delight in your ways, your commands and statutes.  The old things pass away and all things are made new!  We desire to be tried by fire, we desire to deny ourselves, taking up our crosses and following You, all the days of our lives!

To all near and far, old friends and new - whether we see each other frequently or not, whether we speak now or not.  My prayers are with you this day, for you and your families, your friends - everyone in your circle of life, that God draw you near, protect you and fill your hearts with Joy and peace!

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