Jul 21, 2013

Kat Kerr on Homosexuality - The True Image (Revelation Report)

Another good message from Kat Kerr regarding The True Image and homosexuality.  I can personally related to this message specifically that I know God has called many to specific powerful purpose in this life/world and the enemy seeks to entrap them in various ways but one in particular is the trap and deception of homosexuality.  Our forefather's, Adam, "image" was corrupted when he partook of the sin, forbidden fruit, with Eve.  So we were born "this way" in the sense, we were born in a fallen state, but God has the desire and ability to raise us up, in a born again, resurrected state!!!  The enemy desires that we remain in bondage, to keep us from the Truth of who we really are in Christ.  The truth that we were born this way, has been twisted to make us believe that the lives many of us have lived and are living is what God intended.  But that is the lie!  The act of homosexuality is a choice, perhaps the attraction toward the same sex is not so much, but acting out on that attraction through sexual relationships or encounters is a choice. Most often that attraction starts out as an innocent search on our part for acceptance or a right/nurturing relationship with a father figure, a mentor and the enemy uses that void to plant seeds of destruction and deception.    God says to "Deny yourself"... pick up your cross and follow Him and it is in that following, that pursuit of God, that will transform you and your sinful nature will be defeated.

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