May 20, 2013


I just wanted to post a short message, of thanks and gratitude.  I had surgery today and modern technology i.e. facebook/internet allowed so many people to connect with me and me with them for prayer, encouragement and just general friendship.  I am so grateful for that.  Being a frequent traveler its very difficult at times to maintain connections, visit with family and friends, and simply just sit down and have a nice dinner with anyone, share conversation, catch up on our lives, etc.

I am also very thankful the surgery went well and that God had his hand in everything.  I had excellent care, was reassured throughout the whole process and felt very comfortable with everything going on at all times.  I had complete peace!..

Last but not least, I am very very thankful that my brother was able to pick me up and bring me back home when it was over.  He stayed around the whole day, and even made sure I got by the pharmacy to pick up (what I am sure will be) much needed pain meds.

How blessed can I be?  Surely this may sound like a simple thing, and in many eyes it is... but to have even just a handful of people to be supportive with their prayers and positive thoughts, and my older brother around to make sure I got to where I needed to be.... its a tremendous blessing.

So thank you God, for your mercy, grace, and orchestrating a positive, and inspiring day, in spite of having surgery! Thank you to all the friends and extended family for praying and sending me words of encouragement.  I sincerely appreciate it!

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