May 26, 2013

Is This Hateful? - Andrew Strom

I have been very surprised and shocked in the last couple of days at all the Christians who want us to stay “silent” on the issue of Homosexuality – and make out that it is nothing ‘special’ – just any old sin. They think it makes us “look bad” to speak up about it – judgmental and “unloving”…

I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that this issue is specifically being used by the devil as the “leading edge” of his agenda in the earth. He is using Homosexuality to push his religion of “secularism” massively amongst the youth. More than any single issue, this is the devil’s favorite.

Think about this for a moment. Today’s Homosexual movement is not just about “practicing” Homosexuality. They are also about “preaching” it and `converting´ the youth to embrace it as “good”.
What they push is actually “spiritual” propaganda – a false gospel of ‘sin-celebration’ that totally undermines the Bible. We need to start seeing these activists as aggressive “preachers” of a new religion – a religion designed to totally replace Christianity. These are some of it’s most zealous ‘missionaries’. And they are successfully “converting” the youth of all the earth.

The whole idea is to completely rid the planet of any sense of what “sin” is.

You will notice that in the last 25 years there has been an enormous push in the media to “normalize” Homosexuality. It used to be that two men kissing would make everyone want to gag. But these activists knew that if they put sympathetic “gay” characters again and again into movies and TV shows, eventually they would wear down the scruples of the audience. Comedies are especially helpful for this. And gradually they have “converted” an entire generation of young people to their cause. In this they have been overwhelmingly successful. It may be the greatest “propaganda” victory ever. The battle is already theirs. And they are using the media to spread it more and more around the world.

We need to start seeing gay promotions and gay TV shows, not just as ‘Homosexual’ events, but also as “preaching” events. They are designed to “convert’ people – to make them ‘fine’ with sin – yet “not fine” with anyone who opposes the sin. Their “preachers” have been winning this war. It is devil take the youngest. Because of all this “propaganda”, Christians have become more and more reluctant to call Homosexuality what the Bible clearly calls it – an “abomination”. (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27, etc.) Nobody ever wants to use that word any more. We are frightened to be thought of as “unloving” or judgmental. And so more and more we let the devil define what is sin and what is not. I tell you, if we roll over on this issue, the devil will have us for breakfast - he really will. Entire generations are riding on our response.

If we let the devil define “sin” then it is over. The gospel cannot be preached properly when the devil defines it’s terms.

There are actually very few sins that earn the title “abomination” in God’s sight – especially when it is “paraded” in the open. Homosexuality is seen by Him as being so bad that it is often associated with “Judgment” in Scripture. We also find throughout history that when a culture embraces Homosexuality, it is almost always very close to the end of that civilization. History shows this again and again.

One of the biggest lies, of course, is that there is some kind of “gay gene” – that people are “born with”. This is completely false, and if you do a search on the Internet you will find that there has
been study after study done in academic circles, with no evidence of a “gay gene” whatsoever. Not that it truly matters any more. The ‘propaganda’ war is mostly won anyhow.

But let me be clear on this: It is not OK to treat ‘gay’ individuals with anything less than Christian love and kindness. It is very important to go about this with the right spirit. We must always act out of love and godly wisdom. But we must also speak the TRUTH. We are not at “war” with individual ‘gay’ people. Quite the opposite. But the movement and it’s message – that is a different story. There is a war going on for the hearts and minds of today’s youth. We are not to fight this in the “flesh” – with politics or campaigning, etc. But we certainly are to raise our voices and to loudly “speak the truth in love”. Otherwise the upcoming generation will be lost to the most powerful and clever “false gospel” of them all.

In closing, let me say that it is not “loving” to be silent. True love warns and pleads with people not to follow the way of sin and death. We cannot compromise on this. It is compromise that is “hateful” and leaves people stuck where they are. Love warns, because it knows the consequences if it stays silent. This is true mercy. So please – do not stop “speaking the truth in love”, my friends. It is truly a MUST in this hour. An entire generation is at stake.

Andrew Strom

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