Dec 9, 2017

"We will fix our eyes on the One who overcame..."

I have been listening to this song over and over and over tonight.  Each time I listen, a deeper revelation and longing seems to come..

"We will fix our eyes on the One who overcame, we will stand in awe at the One who breaks the chains!!!" 

Just to hear that, ponder that, to contemplate that...

The Son of God, God incarnate, that walked among men, a man Himself, yet still God in the flesh.  My eyes can't help but well up with tears to know there was One, just One, who sacrificed His life for me, for mine, for the entire human race, past, present and future.  He was the perfect sacrifice, no one else could do. 

The One without sin, without reproach.  I am overwhelmed.  God loves us so much that He would manifest Himself through the One He called Beloved and Only Begotten Son!  He sacrificed His Only Son!  And His Son, Emmanuel, Yeshua, Redeemer and Prince of Peace, humbly, through great pain and suffering, willingly carried His own cross up to Calvary and laid His life down, for us. 

To imagine, that this man, having done all this with me in mind, to imagine I will see Him face to face!  I can't comprehend it.  Oh, but my heart aches for Him and I can't understand it really.  What gratitude can one have, what sacrifice can I make, living or in death that can possibly convey what this truth means to me. 

I have known You through Your Word, I have felt your presence, I know Your Spirit lives within me and I see the evidence of You throughout all of creation, yet I can barely comprehend You and of what I do, I am overwhelmed, beyond words. 

I remember when I first heard Your voice and ever since You continue to drawn me to You.  You have always made Yourself known to me, and You reveal Your loving kindness without end.  Through Your Spirit You've made me alive, You have given me life!.... but to think I will see You face to face.  I am undone by You, completely undone. 

You see and know every part of me, You refine me and are making me whole!  How grateful am I! 

All I can do is tremble and shed tears in Your presence, in Your holiness, Your righteousness, Your overwhelming love! 

Oh to meet this man named Jesus.  Life giver and chain breaker, redeemer and righteous One!  You made a way for me, for us to be reconciled back to The Father! 

The source of all life, peace and joy.  My comforter and friend! 

What a day it will be, what a day - when the whole world sees You!  The truth of who You are, and what you have accomplished will not be denied!  The Lamb that was slain returning as our King!

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