Mar 18, 2016

You Are Perfect in All Your Ways

I am sitting in the airport in Baton Rouge waiting... the drive here from Natchez, MS (as with most drives) always causes me to think of Him. In light of every sin, every bad decision, every breaking of His command - He loves me.  

I am overwhelmed by His presence at times, my heart melts even to just hear His name, to think upon His great mercy, His undeniable grace and passionate love for me.  I cannot comprehend it try as I might.  

When the day winds down, when the phone stops ringing and the laptop is shut down and the chaos calms... He is there, He always was and always is.. I need to be in that place of calm, to get away with Him as He bids us "come away with me"... He had me thinking about closing the door to get alone with Him and how we can do that so easily when we commit ourselves to the same, I could hear Him say "it's time, to come away with me".. (oh gosh I am about to tear right up here in this no no.. hehe).  

We can easily close the door to our prayer closet or that sacred place we go to be alone with Him, but it's much  more of a challenge to close the doors to unhealthy relationships, circumstances, conditions and connections, doctrines and ideals.  

Do not go to the left or the right, let not your mind wander nor your eyes, yet have a single eye toward Him.  

"You are perfect in all your ways"... just to hear that and know it... melts my heart.  What I know of You, I adore, what I have experienced with You is beyond words... take me away with You, still my heart, clear my mind and help me to love you as you love me, help me to be transformed by your goodness, your faithfulness, your conviction and your commitment.  You are indeed perfect in all your ways!   

As I was reading some posts, He also reminded me of a time when He would ask me often, will you die for me?  Of course I would and He would have me think of various scenarios where I might be asked  to renounce Him...and the reality of those scenarios certainly shook me a bit, but my answer was always "Yes" I would die for You, for my faith in You". But today... He showed me that to die for Him is easy, it's the living that is hard.  If we die for Him and haven't also lived for Him, it's all in vain.  So many are quick to say, even me as I noted, that they would die for Him and they speak the Truth, they would die for Him... He doesn't want our death, He wants our life, He wants us to live for Him!  Especially now.  Surely we must die to self, deny ourselves and be born again... but for the purpose of living, of living for Him!  How can we say we will sacrifice this flesh, when we choose not to sacrifice ourselves, our minds, our spirits to submit to Him, His will, His commands?  How can we?  
"Come away with me... come away with me... ". What a great honor, privilege to hear those words. Just to be near Him, just to be near...  I have never been married and can't comprehend many things because I haven't experienced them, but I tell you... He is calling me to get alone with Him to just share His presence with me, it melts my heart.. 

I think He is making that call to many now... to "come away with me"... to be still and let His presence, just His presence.. purge from us the cares of this world, that we might find clarity in our hearing, in our seeing, in our feeling... and our focus would be totally on Him, our eyes and ears fixed upon Him and only Him.  

Just sharing, He always "gets me" when I travel.

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