Nov 24, 2014

King of Kings! Calvary Chapel - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have to share this. For almost 18 years I have searched off and on for my all time favorite song. Someone gave me a cassette tape back in 1996 (2 years before my mother's passing). On this tape existed the song you are about to hear. I had lost the tape, and the words had worn off the cassette. I finally found the tape this weekend and was able to play it and use an app to find out who sang it and now I get to share it and listen to it over and over again! While the words are simple and the artists repeat them over and over, it tells the greatest story ever told. It also tells my own story by the increased accompaniment and sheer power that goes into the chorus as the song continues. The words start out speaking about Jesus, and as the song continues the music grows as do the voices and in the middle of singing about Him, a change takes place and the words begin to speak to Him! Its really a testimony of sorts. It seemed all my life I heard about Him, read about Him, sang about Him - but it wasn't until I actually came into an encounter with Him, that I desired to speak to Him, to know it was real and possible, to praise Him! My friend Evan Sieling just posted a short but brief teaching about this last night from Theology and Doxology. As my knowledge grew of Him, I was compelled, lead to Him, to speak to Him and to praise Him. This song is the epitome of that journey, it has to be (in my opinion) the most beautiful song I most likely will ever here - and completely summarizes what the deepest part of my heart longs to do 24/7. Take a listen. It can be downloaded from iTunes and is performed by Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

King of Kings - Calvary Chapel

Oceans and Vessels "Theology to Doxology"

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