Nov 23, 2014

Closet Christian

Gosh, I never knew cleaning out boxes and drawers could be so emotional, in a good way. Finding old love letters, sent and received, sweet notes and letters from mom, letters from my brother, my dad... poems, notes from various topics I have studied over the years... I have cried and I have laughed... but the last thought or feeling was laughter... I came across so much biblical study "stuff"... and I realized the time in my life that much of this stuff was studied or written... I laughed because I was a "closet" Christian... a good chunk of my 'living' was not in any way the way God would have liked, but He had it all planned out...and when I wasn't distracted by the world, my troubles or out partying... I would still seek Him, hypocritical as it seemed, He always was drawing me near. I couldn't escape Him, or His great love....He formed a foundation when the world wasn't aware, and when my world came crashing down, (as it did many times) I always landed on that foundation - and He's been building a house on it all this time!

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