Oct 18, 2013

Priming the Pump!

As I get older, memories of childhood become more valuable and often times I can look back on those experiences and learn something new, God uses it to teach us things. I was thinking back of time spent at my Aunt Alice Banks home some weekends with cousins. They had an old water pump in their back yard and I thought it was the coolest thing to be able to put a little water in it (to prime it) in order to get alot more out! (Of course the well or spring or wherever it was coming from couldn't have been dry). I think it even tasted better because I had to work for it. It makes me think of how our relationship with God often works. Do we have a relationship with His word ONLY and not His Spirit? Sometimes thats very obvious, other times not so much. We must house a well of living water, so that when we are primed, prodded, and even pushed, that well flows freely. Being filled with His word, bears witness to His Spirit living within us and as we are transformed/sanctified, becoming transparent... that living water is able to flow freely and outward to those around us. We are moved by its current and it carries us. And it gives life not only to us, but to those around us. I remember if the well was dry, or if it was not primed properly with the right amount of water going in, all you'd hear was noise.... a gurgling sound that didn't provide much promise. Lord, let my well always be full and let me always be yielded to the process of being primed!

Being filled with His word, bears witness to His Spirit within us as well as within those around us.  I see it as a connection of our mind (knowledge) to His Spirit within us.  The Word (knowledge) gives His Spirit His Voice...  He brings remembrance to the Truth of His word within us when we need it.  The priming is akin to situations and circumstances we come to in our lives... those challenges are the things that cause the Spirit within us to rise up, to respond, to react and the Word (knowledge) in our minds is used to conquer and overcome those situations and circumstances.  This process can be elaborated on much more (from my perspective) but when this process takes place, I see Him writing His Word upon my heart.  Its like a permanent marker on my heart - His Word is proven over and over and my faith grows.  

So One can't exist without the other.  If I only have knowledge but not His spirit, we are spiritually discerned. (Letter of the Law vs the Spirt)  It takes both.  I often see an image of me in the middle.. meaning that His Word (the knowledge, the actual words of the Bible, the precepts, statutes, commands, stories, etc) are in my mind, and I am hidden in Him, surrounded within by His Spirit... the two must connect and this takes place as I become more transparent...  picture that...   We become the conduit, the place where it all connects and the current flows freely as we become yielded and transparent.  Its pretty cool when you think about it.  

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