Oct 16, 2013


Sometimes at night when I'm studying when I'm listening to His words of love, mercy, His goodness... I'm just completely overwhelmed!  Falling in love with Him over and over again!!! I can never tire of telling of His goodness of His indescribable love.... Surely I have found a love greater than life!!! 

I want the whole world to know Him!  I just get so overwhelmed by His presence.... So so in love with Him!!! And I just have to tell someone even if you've heard it before!  

Oh God!!! Be with us!! Show us your glory!!!  Almighty One!!! You are, you are.... The King of Kings, the Great I Am!!! The First and the Last! Alpha and Omega!!  The One who was, who IS and Is To Come!!!!!!!!!  Overwhelm us with your presence Father!!!  Show us your glory!!!  Empower us to preach the Good News, to set the captives free, to cause the blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear!!!  Let the lame walk and the sick be healed!!! Set our hearts upon you Lord that we would walk in your ways, and delight in your commands!!!!

We love you Lord!!! We love You!!!!   

He's a good, exceedingly good God!  Let my lips forever praise and worship you, for You and You alone are worthy, worthy, worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I love you with His love! 


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