Aug 25, 2013

One Day in Your Courts

"One Day in YOUR Courts" better than packing for my flight tomorrow, doing expense reports, taking a shower, and anything else that I think needs to be done. YOU always make a way and I am learning to always make YOU first....thank you God for putting people in my life to help me along this journey. You answer every single prayer right down to the finest of details.

Salvation is indeed a free gift, but if you want to live a transformed life, it will cost you everything. If you want to live a life of peace, of joy and rest, you must exchange yours for His. Its the difference of laying it all down at the cross (as we say in the south) and being nailed up there with Him. When you realize you are the burden, you'll gladly lay yourself down with Him to be made new!

When you fall in love with God, you'll never be completely satisfied until you see Him face to face. It is the sweetest frustration I have ever known. Even when that day comes, He is so big, so great, so majestic, so brilliant, so indescribable... someone once said, who says they visited heaven...that the angels never tire of circling round about Him, because each time they pass by they experience a new dimension of His glory.

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