Aug 23, 2013

Just a Thought

I was discussing with close friends this past week the response so many Christians have at times when dealing with people outside of the "body" who don't know God, regarding their sin. So often we are quick to tell people about the laws and commandments of God, but most often these same people don't know God and therefore are spiritually discerned when it comes to understanding His commandments, his precepts, statutes and laws. So I have to repeat what I have learned to be True... Its the love of God that transforms a life, not His law, but as we get into right relationship with God and literally fall in love with Him, we learn to love His law... we begin to see the reason for His commands, we understand they are rooted in His deep and eternal love for us and we begin to take delight in them! And in our Loving Him, we want to please add to all the reasons He delights and sings over us! Loving Him, is to love His law even if it means sacrificing ourselves, our desires for His! In fact, as you grow in relationship with Him, the things of this world, pale in comparison to what He provides. You realize these worldly and carnal desires are like filthy rags compared to Him and His riches, His glory. But don't take my word for it, take His! See for yourself.

So with the topic of homosexuality - which I feel has been my cardinal sin if there were just one.. I have often said God has not called me to minister to this particular demographic of sinners, just as I don't feel He has called me to minister to people with addictions. But what He has called me to do is minister His great love to others, the Truth He has revealed to me through my own life, and through various trials and tribulations that include these various sins, but are not exclusive to them. So He caused me to ask myself this question: "Tim what would be your response to someone who might ask you if homosexuality was a sin?" I said to Him and to my friends, "I believe it is a sin"... then He caused me to think a little more... and I said: "A better response would be: I believe it is a sin, but lets not focus on that, lets talk about God and how a relationship with Him can liberate us from all sin, no matter what that might be".. Thats such a key to our own personal freedom in Christ, and for others. Without a true one on one relationship with Christ, we remain prisoners to our own carnal nature, our own intellect, our own understanding. It is through this relationship that He reveals Himself to us - He comes first...not our pastors, our friends, our family members, our husbands or wives, not even our children, and certainly not our sins, past or present.

He must be first above everything! He understands us individually so intimately... I mean gosh, He knows the number of hairs on our head... what human do you know that knows you that well?! No one! And because of that intimate knowledge He has of us, He and only Him, can teach us in the way we understand. Its like having a special unique, no one like Him in the universe, teacher especially for us, individually. He can teach us the way we understand because He knows our past, He knows our thoughts, He understands how we think. Through His spirit He teaches us from that perspective whatever it is...and every single human being is different because each of us have different experiences, we are each unique, none of us are the same!

I can't find anywhere in the bible where Jesus sat and talked for hours on end about someone's sin, I can't see where He analyzed it, and discussed and constantly went over and over how He would save us from sin. Because the salvation He offers us is not simply to be set free, but it is to live an abundant and holy, super enriched and rich life!!  He didn't come JUST to save us...thats the start, the very beginning of our relationship with Him!!!  He simply says "go and sin no more"... and if any man is to follow Him, then he must pick up his cross daily and deny himself.... noticing that the first step the first action in that is to 'follow Him'... and in doing so, we begin our relationship with Him, we have fellowship with Him, we grow to know and love Him... we begin to act and think the way He does... we are transformed by our association with Him, with His Spirit and His word.

He will reveal what needs to change in your life, He does so by His spirit within you and the conviction of sin you will ultimately feel, and you will go through a sanctification process... When we are in an intimate relationship with Christ - we are transformed! Thats what it takes! So I don't want to talk about your sin, I want to talk to you about this man named Jesus, the one who is the way the truth and the life. The One who was the Word made flesh, God's only Son, who came here to show us how to live, and die... to ourselves. The One who showed us what a True sacrifice is, an eternal and sufficient One! Who died for us that we might live, but not just live, but to live abundantly! Amen!

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