Jan 16, 2010

Dying To Live

Sharon Lund, PhD is an Author, Producer, International Speaker, and New Thought Minister. She transcended childhood abuse, betrayal, and AIDS. Now she shares her incredible near-death experiences in this thought-provoking, inspirational documentary that will change the way you look at your life and death. Sharon is joined by other men, women, and children who faced death. Through their stories and experiences we can learn lessons, release fear, embrace the sacredness of life and death, and understand the healing and immense love that occur upon death. Through these NDE's, we discover hope, love, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and Oneness of All. People on the street are also interviewed and asked about their thoughts and feelings about dying and death.

* * *

"Who better to trust about the realities of the death experience than someone who has experienced it directly? In Dying to Live, Sharon Lund generously shares the wisdom, compassion and fearlessness that evolved through her two near-death experiences. With tremendous heart, Sharon gives us compassionate comfort along with a fierce reminder that death is actually undying aliveness, that death is not the enemy of life but its radiant complement. Sharon's calling is not only to lovingly support those who are facing death, but also those who face life with fear and anxiety. Her vital message is for everyone because it redefines living. I'm using Dying to Live as a teaching tool in my spiritual community, and watch it every few months to keep fresh the reality of death as a divine doorway to radical aliveness."

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder Spiritual Director
Agape International Spiritual Center

* * *

"The taboo on confronting death in our culture has been broken, and Sharon Lund is one of the most important taboo breakers. The wisdom embodied in the experiences of the diverse individuals in this program is revealing, inspiring, and fulfilling. Dying to Live is a major contribution. If you need a dose of hope in confronting your mortality, this documentary is for you."

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author of The Power of Premonitions

* * *

"Sharon's life is an example of deep healing, through courage, forgiveness, acceptance and love. We can all learn from her heartfelt experiences and wisdom."

Stephen and Ondrea Levine
Authors of A Year to Live and Who Dies

* * *

"Death and dying are inevitable but not something most people want to even discuss. Dying to Live can help you to accept the inevitable and motivate you to live in the time of your life."

Bernie Siegel, MD

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