Jul 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan vs Tammy Faye

Ever had one of those days when you just want to say to the world "I'm done"... I think I had one today. One of my better and possibly worse qualities is that I tend to think and think alot. Thinking alot opens the door for even more analyzing. Most days its a good thing, some days its bad.

I am so freaking tired of seeing and hearing about Lindsay Lohan's most recent arrest, but I am even more sick of the media for airing it. Who really give's a rat's ass? Apparently the majority of the population because they tune in to it like buzzards to road kill. It's so disgusting to think that we give more airtime to air dirty laundry and make a spectacle out of someone's addiction and obviously deeper issues, than we do something decent and worthy of the 6 o'clock news.

I decided to look at the interview of Tammy Faye Messener with Larry King on Youtube instead.... it was sad, heartbreaking. I lost my own mother to cancer in 1998, and the image of Tammy Faye's 65 pound body and hearing her struggle to speak brought back many memories. Now there is something (although tough at times) is a little more in line. I woman who overcame, and still held her head high even to the very end. She was honest, humbled, and she believed in something greater than herself and was true to that belief right down to her last breath. What does anyone believe in these days?

I mean really "world at large" do you honestly think after a long days work dealing with all the stresses that come along with it, that I want to come home and see and hear some of the crap that is being force fed to us on the tube?

And I can't begin to tell how many spam emails I have received over the past few weeks that want me to contact someone in another country because they want to give me millions of US Dollars, transferring it from their bank to mine. Does anyone else get these? I think the mastermind behind it has a quota to meet, along with the guy who keeps sending me emails about my compromised account at XYZ Bank (of which I don't have accounts with).... its ridiculous.

Interesting what a few hours can change in our perceptions, our mood, etc.

I'm tired, I'm weary, so often I am reminded that this world is not my home. There is such a growing contrast with what I find inside as compared to what I see on the outside.

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