Apr 16, 2007

Peanuts and Scripture

For a few years now I have questioned many of the fundamental things I have been taught to believe. Notice "taught" to believe. There is a contradiction in itself. How do we truly believe if we are taught. Shouldn't belief come from our own conclusions and thus warrant questioning, research, perception - shouldn't it be a way of life, rather than life lived a certain way?

To stay on focus, the topic is scripture and while my belief that our traditional bible as we see it today is fundamentally the truth, I do feel strongly that it has been tampered with. So on my way home today, as usual commutes would have it, I thought. I have always said that there is "truth" and there are "greater truths". Somehow I see that in the bible we have today. I also have said to myself more than to others that the truth that God purposed for us to live by is fundamentally intact. It is no mystery or secret these days that someone else decided what books were included in today's bible and what books were removed. It is also no secret that the books that were chosen have been translated and rewritten to fit a more modern society, some even using slang words not found in the earlier writings. Suffice it to say, the bible of today is much different than the original.

The analogy I often use is that of describing a car. If I was speaking of a vehicle - you could be thinking of several things - most would think of a car, but maybe I am speaking of a truck or SUV, perhaps its a hybrid, and its blue with leather interior. It's equipped with blue tooth technology and has a sunroof. If I only spoke of a vehicle with no further details it leaves much room for interpretation and therefore much more room or margin for error. However the fundamental truth remains that I am speaking of a vehicle. Surely you see the difference details make.

At first thought, this doesn't seem to be a big issue. Most would write it off and say well its all intact, its all there - in the scripture. I must agree - this is the direction many of us take and for a long time so have I. But today.....today I thought of another analogy that does make a difference. Perhaps even the difference between life and death, ultimately.

If you were visitng and being a good host I offered you something to quench your thirst, some water or soda and along with that some finger food such as pretzels and nuts - but didn't tell you what kind of nuts, would it make a difference? Perhaps you're blind and can't see for yourself....but you are deathly allergic to peanuts (like many are). As a precaution you even ask, if they are nuts that are ok for you to eat - of course I say yes, because I assume all nuts are the same the difference doesn't make a difference. But it does. Because of my assumption and because of your trust in me, not meaning any harm, you are very possibly a very few minutes away from death.

If you are seeking Truth, and every dimension of it, great or small, you know what I am saying and you "get it" - if you aren't then maby this analogy will stir your consciousness awake and you'll start asking questions.

Don't go through life settling for peanuts without asking questions and demanding more for yourself. It could be the difference between life and death. It could be difference between having life and having it more abundantly.


  1. Hello!
    Very good posting.
    Thank you - Have a good day!!!

  2. Thanks Professor Howdy for the compliment. It amazes me how few people question what they see and hear - not for the sake of questioning but for the sake of truth, revelation and ultimately liberation.