Apr 19, 2007


Whewww, it was a 14 hour day not counting the 2 hr commute (rounded up -45 minutes each way). But somehow I managed to do it again... "Think"... I was thinking about old friends, some I still communicate with, others I don't for no particular reason, about my late mother who passed away in 1998, about the relationships we have with co-workers, family, strangers, this blog. It's all about communication isn't it? Thats what really matters when it comes down to it. I mean consider how significant a death of someone you love would be if you knew all your life that when they died, you would still be able to communicate with them every day, or at least once a week. Communication is the essence of any relationship,communication is the link to a connection.. whether its through conversation, touch, even through vision or gestures. Once a week or so, I pass by the same car/person on a back road and each time we see each other we wave. Maybe once or twice a month I see a few people but we never speak, just smile. All communication, all a connection even for a moment. It makes me think of our relationships with ourselves, the constant dialogue that is played out in our brains, silently.

What happens when the communication stops? Its the equivalent of death to me. The vehicle in which we used to share ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations it all goes away. It ceases to exist and the person that the connection was linked with.

It makes me further think of God. Am I communicating with God? Is there a connection? Has there ever been? Yes.. I think so, but what about everyone else. Hmm, I wonder how it makes God feel when He/She doesn't hear from us? Doesn't communicate with us. Is God bitter because we didn't return his/her call, or passively acknowledge him/her on the street? Do we communicate with God only when we need something or when we're feeling down, and lonely?

Communication is the evidence of relationship. Granted that relationship may last only for a few minutes, like opening the door for a stranger. Or giving a hug to an old friend, and moving on. These relationships exist only when we're communicating. The inbetween time, is just a time of expectation and hope. Hope that the relationship will be validated again and again with a call, visit or just hanging out together. Or maybe not. Maybe the communication consisted of goodbye, or so long, and the relationship ends.

Who are you going to communicate with tomorrow? How, what and why? Think about it.. you have the power to build relationships with Hello and the power to end them with silence or goodbye.

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