Feb 14, 2019

Thank You!

I am so thankful for the long drives back and forth between work and home. He always without fail, gets my attention and overwhelms me with His presence. Honestly sometimes I wish the journey was a million miles longer because its then, when I am alone, with hardly any distractions or obligations but simply to drive - that my mind, my thoughts, my attention is turned toward Him.

And I began to recount the ways He has made Himself known to me, His mercies, His goodness and faithfulness, His sacrifice and His unending, unwavering and unwarranted love for me. Realizing that I don't even deserve the breath that fills my lungs. Humbled by it all, an incomprehensible, unimaginable and indescribable love that endures, that never fails. In all the years past and the time to come be it seconds or centuries, I know without doubt, without question this longing of my heart that I can hardly articulate with words, will only be satisfied - when I see You face to face, as You are, and simply worship You and tell you Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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