Sep 24, 2015

Israel delusion - by Steve Wohlberg

Very informative and relatively deep study and discussion of several different topics that traditional teaching has been branded into the minds of people for decades if not longer.  After hearing this, along with a few other presentations on the same topics, by others, I am firmly convinced that the traditional idea of a 7 year tribulation is neither scriptural or true.  Daniel's 70th week has already been fulfilled!  There is no 7 year tribulation - great tribulation yes, but not a definitive 7 year tribulation which so many are looking for - specifically after a peace treaty is signed with Israel (there have been many by the way)... Take time to listen to this presentation and ask yourself if you still believe in the traditional teaching of man - the "he" that causes the sacrifices to cease (breaking the covenant) is Jesus!  Not the "antichrist".  Jesus Himself caused the sacrifices to cease because He fulfilled the prophecy by being the ultimate sacrifice - and the covenant was broken as a result to give us the New Covenant.

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