Aug 16, 2014

It's Your Love

Its Your Love

Its your love that conceived me, formed and made me!

Its your love that keeps me, breaks me and sets me free!

Its your love that astounds me and surrounds me, consumes and overflows me!

Its your love!

I am so amazed by your great and mighty love!

I am moved by your mercy and grace, your loving kindness!

No one can love me like you do, no one can love me like you do, no one!!!

From the highest mountain to the lowest valley, its your love that finds me!

From the deepest ocean to the farthest star, its your love that rescues me! Is it you, it is you!

You are this great and unending love!

Your love knows no bounds, your mercies are new every moment, you sing over me, you delight over me and love me! You love me!

High and exalted, magnificent and mighty redeemer, you are!

How great is your name, how high is your reign, how deep is your love and how beautiful you are! Almighty One, who is above all others and above all others, worthy to be praised!

The Great I am, King of Kings, my precious savior and wonderful counselor, friend, and lover of my soul… It is You, It is You!!!!

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