Jun 14, 2014

Love Letters

I am reliving some things from my past lately - realizing that God truly meets us right where we are, whenever we are truly searching for love, unconditional love. For most of my life I 'cast my pearls before swine'...and they were devoured, used against me, perverted and I was left empty. But He reminds me He was always there and as I go back (cleaning out emails)... He is taking those "pearls" and applying them to Himself, to the relationship He always wanted and desires. So I am gonna share in part the love I have in my heart, that while it was directed toward another, always belonged to Him. This analogy unveils for me at least, the increasing persecution followers of Christ might experience. And in contrast the lies we have so easily been deceived by... but as His word declares, Joy comes in the morning! One day, this love, this great and glorious love will be complete, we will be complete!

"Imagine you're an artist.. one who has a deep and driving passion to paint.. but you live in a place where it isn't allowed or perhaps accepted...day in and day out you are refreshed with the thought of painting, the preparation of it, going through your mind how the brush might feel in your hands and how the light may develop as you form the landscape on a canvas.. Every intricate detail .. the process from start to finish, and the satisfied feeling you get when the painting is complete... you play it over and over in your mind... providing some hope, comfort... and then one day comes and you find yourself standing out in a meadow .. mid afternoon.. and you find yourself awake in the middle of the dream.. free to paint, free to feel the brushes in your hand... for just a while...you become what you feel you were created to be and do.

You connect with purpose and a short dance develops, and the silent but beautiful music is allowed to escape and fill the atmosphere for a brief period. One by one the instruments begin to play.. a whole orchestra becomes engaged and harmony is reborn... Its heaven. All the lines of energy that build momentum and the paths they travel, meet, intersecting all at once...its beautiful. Breathtaking.... It reminds me of that movie Powder... when he was running and running faster and faster across the field.....and with the help of a single electrical charge, he became light and was free.......that’s how it is... you know? When I am with you, heaven..


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