Feb 10, 2013

Martin Smith - Song Of Solomon

I've had a heavy heart lately.  I know its in part a weariness... God restore me completely, deliver me completely... many times I feel like I am at the end of this rope... this journey.. I know it must be the requirement - of moving a few steps forward and hopefully a few steps back.  The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy..  distractions of life, of realizing what has been stolen...and lingering on those thoughts are not what God wants.  He wants me to never look back, but its difficult.  I still hear Him saying "Tim I never have left you, nor will I ever forsake you"... but I know in order for me to get over the next hurdle, to be an overcomer, over and over again - I must completely die to self...  its a difficult task... to literally become a LIVING sacrifice.  And while I cannot earn salvation (He has provided that through grace)...I must pursue all, ALL of Him, all his commands, all His statutes... everything.  As I run toward Him, and He "comes running to me"...I feel like layers and layers of deception, lies, distractions are being burned away and its a trial, test, tribulation of sorts.  This song gives me comfort.

"Over the mountains and over the seas...here you come running, my lover, to me.  When I feel the cold of winter and this cloak of sadness, I need you.  All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me, I need you.  Over the mountains, over the seas, here you come running, my lover, to me.  Do not hide me from your presence, pull me from these shadows, I need you.  Beauty wrap your arms around, sing your song of kindness, I need you."

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