Mar 13, 2012


Please share this with any and everyone you know.  

Some of you who know me personally and some even more than others - know my life, my shortcomings and some of the things I have struggled with.  You also know some about the Near Death Like Experience I had many years ago.  

Let that be the stage if you will and the premise of this communication.  But let me first say and acknowledge that I know without doubt, because God has told me so, that many will reject what I am about to share with you and He has set my heart at ease and at peace with that knowledge - but I will not rest until I have shared what I am commanded by God to share.  

I have not attended a traditional church service in years, mainly because I have come to despise organized religion.  We do not serve a religious God, but a true and just God, one that is jealous of our lives, our souls, our hearts and our minds.  He never intended for church to be the way we see today.  To many times I have seen the truth in the scriptures that point to the fact that man's church is truly a white washed sepulcher full of dead mens (and womens) bones.  Man's theology is not God's truth, nor will it save you on the great and terrible day of the Lord.

Recently my own salvation has come into question and I know without doubt that I must press in and seek the truth of my own salvation and I have prayed that God impart His Agape love to me, even as he circumcises my heart, I pray that he writes deep within it His Agape love.  He has revealed to me that our "natural" love is not enough - we can do nothing Holy in our own thinking, our own intellect, even in our own love.  We must have the Love of God within us... there is a difference!  

He has also purposed and laid heavy on my heart to seek Him, the true and living Christ....  Jesus is His name, Christ is His title.  For the Word was with Him from the beginning, the Logos, was there from the start.... and it was that Logos, that Word, that Mind of Christ of God, that was made flesh into the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  It was this Jesus, the lover of our souls, that came to save the world, who bore the sins of all humankind, and was persecuted and rejected, who was beaten, and mocked, ridiculed and refused.... it was Jesus who was slain, who took up the cross and sacrificed His life, that we would have life and have life everlasting.  It was His blood that was shed on Calvary, the same blood that we must claim to wash us clean of our sins.  If you think this life the one you are experiencing on this planet, is all there is, then you are dead wrong!!!!  

I believe in Jesus, in God, I believe he is the only way to the Father, I believe I must have God's Agape love in my heart, I believe that I must identify with the Christ, Jesus - and die with Him on that cross, I must move past laying my burdens down at the feet of Jesus - as traditional theology teaches, and lay myself down with him!!!  I am the burden!!!  I must die with Him and I must become the living sacrifice, a transparent vessel that He lives through, that He shines through, so that all the world would see Jesus!!!  We must all do that!

Repentance is required!  Its not an option, especially in this time we are living.  If I confess my sins to the Father, and I do not repent, there is no salvation!  I must be made whole and the only way to do that is through a real and thriving relationship with Christ.  I cannot have that relationship with Christ without repentance.  I cannot deny Him, nor can I have any idols - being it people, places, things, addictions, nothing can come before Him.  He and I are working on that.  

The world at large is asleep, they are medicated, distracted, confused, dazed and drugged.  They feel safe in their daily lives, and do not seek anything more - and its this complacency that will lead them straight to hell.  I am seeing that so clearly and I tremble at the thought of things that are about to come.  I have spent the last several nights in prayer, in study, seeking His presence and wise counsel, and in tears.  You must wake up and you must seek Him with your whole heart, you must!!!!!!  

We are taught that Salvation is a free gift, and that is a total LIE!!!!!  Salvation is freely given, but it will cost you everything.  We all want to go to Heaven, but we aren't willing to die to get there..  We must die to ourselves, we must move past laying our "stuff" down at the cross and we must lay ourselves down so that He might live through us fully!  Do you honestly think that salvation is a simple as saying the "sinners prayer" and confessing your sins to God, is all it takes to be saved and continue to be saved?  Surely not.... it REQUIRES a relationship with the True and Living God.  There is no other way, and no other way than through the One and Only Son of God, Jesus!

Please please please get into His word, Get into Him... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  He has shown me many visions and dreams and Has spoken clearly to my heart over and over and over again.  If I didn't know these things were true and were a testimony of the true and living Christ, I wouldn't be writing to you at this time.  

It all comes down to what you believe and if there is any time that is of the utmost importance to figure out what you believe its now.  You must!  Seek Him with your whole heart.  

“Enter ye in at the STRAIT GATE: for WIDE IS THE GATE, AND BROAD IS THE WAY, that leadeth to DESTRUCTION, and MANY THERE BE which go in thereat:
and FEW there be that find it.”
(Matthew 7:13-14)
MANY will say to me in that day, LORD, LORD, have we not PROPHESIED IN THY NAME?
and THEN will I profess unto them,
(Matthew 7:21-23)

The Lord is not a respecter of people. If Israel, the real olive tree, God’s
own chosen people, are utterly excluded for refusing THE METHOD
GOD ORDAINED, then why would any Christian, who is a wild olive
branch, think he would not be excluded as well IF HE REFUSES THE METHOD GOD HAS ORDAINED?

There is ANOTHER GATE, and another WAY, which Jesus termed STRAIT AND NARROW. Jesus said that only a few of HIS PEOPLE, HIS BELIEVERS, WOULD ENTER INTO THIS STRAIT GATE AND WALK THIS NARROW WAY. The vast majority of Christians would REJECT IT; they would build up a theology that would offer an alternative, but attractive method of obtaining a new heart. This new alternative way would fabricate a NEW JESUS, A NEW GOSPEL. But this new
Jesus would be a master counterfeit, a look alike, with a gospel so close to the original that the MANY WOULD NOT DETECT THE FATAL FLAW IN THEIR THEOLOGY. It would be embraced by the VAST MAJORITY of the Body of Christ as authentic, as correct. That is why the MANY CHRISTIAN LEADERS STAND BEFORE CHRIST CONDEMNED. Peter, through the Holy Spirit said their multitude of followers LIKEWISE IS CONDEMNED. Their theology was incorrect and they suffer eternal loss. 
The Sermon on the Mount is a sermon on HOW TO GET SAVED. It applies totally to the Church and the entire church age. The people Jesus addresses are HIS FOLLOWERS, HIS BELIEVERS. In spite of what you may have been taught, the Scriptures are not written to unbelievers. Rarely are unbelievers even mentioned. The Scripture is OPEN TO THEM AND THEY MAY RESPOND CORRECTLY TO THEM FOR IT IS NOT THE WILL OF GOD THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, BUT THAT ALL COME TO REPENTANCE (2 Peter 3:9). If a person rejects the Scripture, they condemn themselves. If they respond PROPERLY, AND UNDERGO TRUE CONVERSIONS they become believers, and if they ARE OBEDIENT to the commands of Christ, they will LATER (after they have entered the STRAIT GATE AND WALKED THE NARROW WAY), obtain REGENERATION, WHICH IS LIFE AND SALVATION. Jesus did not even PRAY FOR UNBELIEVERS. HE DID NOT PRAY FOR THE WORLD AT ALL: (John 17:9)

“And being made perfect, he (Jesus) became

And many believe that the Word of God, as we find in the Bible today, are just stories written by men, while in part that is true, these are accounts written by men, but INSPIRED of God.  Search your heart and search the scriptures and follow whatever it is you believe, but for those that truly believe the Bible and have eyes to see and ears to ear, then believe with your whole heart and mind, seek Him in all things and let Him reveal to you, what He is revealing to me today.  This is such an important if not the most important time in mankind's history, I promise you this.  

Another thing that God has laid heavily on my heart and revealed to me, is that we need the "fear of the lord"... there is so much taking place, that so many are completely unaware of, but there is a growing fear of man, of evil, of storms, and wars, all these fears will subside if we have the fear of the lord within us.  It is so important!  The only way we have the "Fear of the Lord" is to Know Him... we must know him.  I talked about this many many years ago in church and how so critically important it was to have our OWN relationship with God... we don't get that relationship through our parents, our teachers, our friends, a book, or a television program... we can talk all about God even profess his great Love and Mercy and know scripture inside and out, but if we have NOT a relationship with God ourselves, we have NOTHING.  He is real, I tell you, He is as real if not more than what you wake up and see and experience every day.  

I even believed for a long time that the scriptures have been "tainted" through the many translations that have taken place, but God has kept the truth of His word intact.  In fact, I want you to hear the testimony of a woman who had a face to face encounter with Christ.  I believe this is absolutely true, because of my experience and trip to Heaven many years ago.

Please consider all these things I have shared and pray over it.  

We are in a time so critically important to the Kingdom of God and to our own salvation.  

I am not ashamed of what I believe and I will lay my life down just as Jesus did, literally and figuratively if He calls for it...  I will stand up for what I believe with no fear of rejection from friends, family, or the world at large.  I have nothing to lose and life eternal to gain.  

May God richly bless you and reveal Himself to you unlike anything you have or will ever know.  May the the most High God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, The GREAT I AM, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega - reveal Himself to you and draw you in to Him, and reveal great wisdom and truth, and bring about a spirit of great and total repentance, that you may seek Him with your WHOLE heart, and that He would pour out His spirit upon you and all those around you, that His Kingdom would be revealed and expanded.  That you would come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking Him in all things, that you would Know Him, and He would guide and lead you into all Truths, for the very salvation of your soul!!!!!


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