Oct 5, 2009

To Be

I want to go up high in the mountains early in the morning just as the sun is peaking over the horizon and lay down in the clouds. Submerge myself in the mist and listen as the world comes alive. Those last few calls of the whippoorwill, and the crickets....as they bid their elusive mates goodbye. I want to watch the sun lift that blanket of fog up to the heavens and let her rays shine down on me, watching that sweet dew evaporate away.

I want to listen to the wind pick herself up and watch as she makes her way down the ravine and into the valleys, as the trees bow and their leaves flitter at her touch.

I want the cool air to fill my lungs as I take in the strong perfume of the neighboring firs, and the crisp clean scent of the earth. I want to be, to lie there and feel the pulse of the earth vibrating beneath me, and become a part of it's energy, and just be.

I want to hear his thunderous voice in the wind and the rustling of the leaves, and the roar as she forces herself over the meadow and a billion blades of grass. I want to hear the song, the one you can only hear when there is silence and awareness. When my thoughts cease to move and there is stillness.

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