Aug 20, 2008


This is for Kelly... Thanks to Kelly we have reconnected through and shared a few stories here and there. Fortunately through this I was also able to reconnect with Pam, who I lost touch with after I moved here.

There is something that warms the heart when you reconnect with old friends from a life that seems so long ago at times. Not only that, memories that were just before fading away to be lost forever somewhere in the untapped and neglected part of our brains, are restored, revived and reestablished.

So here is to you and your family Kelly, wishing you the absolute best life can offer!!! Thank you for taking the time to say hello. I feel honored that our paths have crossed again albeit over the net!!


  1. How did work out for you? I've been trying to locate old friends from my alma mater.

  2. Hey Michael, I don't use classmates to often, but more recently I have reconnected with old friends through the site, just visit it often, do searches, post a comment, listing who you'd like to find/reconnect with and eventually someone will respond the conversations will start up. Good luck!