Jun 8, 2008

Where Is She Father?

I was digging up old stuff, from many, many years ago and came across a few things I decided to post here. Partially in an effort to save them, and also to remember.

This was written probably when I was in my mid to late twenties. I am 38 now. Interesting how life has changed.

Where is She Father?

Where is she Father? I know her face and the smell of her perfume. Her heart is like the sunrise, and her voice is like sweet music. Her eyes are beautiful and her heart searches. Have you hidden her for just a time? Or should this ache abide with me, and find me incomplete for many more days?

How long Lord, how long must this composition of my heart go unheard? Or could it be that my eyes fail to see? Does she stand before me and yet I look past her radiance and splendor? Perhaps she stands just out of view, just beyond the edge of this road you have purposed in my life.

I know she is there somewhere, my heart beats with hers and my tears are not in vain - she is alive!
When will she come? When, oh Lord shall I find myself in her arms, listening to her song? I know she must sing of me and she too, longs to be where I am.

Does my song have no purpose? Surely not, it is filled with fervent and eternal love. Is she like the seed slumbering beneath the earth, anticipating your warm breath to give her life at just the moment my feet should pass by her space in the meadow? Shall I find her in solitude in the secret place you have chosen, reflecting the most beautiful rays of your light?

Often times the winds carry her song to my lonely ears, and for a brief moment I feel her cheek next to my own. Or is she like the lonely whipporwill calling out, waiting patiently for my reply?

Where is she Father?

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